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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Messing Up Onstage

Informal Theme # 4

Blog # 4

               All of a sudden, I became excited. I know it will not be the same as our other performances. I t wasn't that familiar for us, so we had a hard time working on our steps and actings. I admit, I don't like some of their ideas but I don't want to tell them because they're the one to act and I know that they know what they're doing. I just don't understand why we have to act like that.
               Our performance, I think was one of my most embarrassing moments. I acted as props: curtain, door, machine, and table. It's okay. It's just what I wanted to do. I don't want to be one of the centers of attraction.
               After the performance, as what I've expected, Ma'am Maye didn't like it because according to her, it's not a "Pantomime." It's more like a stage play even if we don't utter words. We just laughed at that. We had fun. It's another great experience. We know that, the next time we will be performing, we already know what to do and we will not be MESSING UP ONSTAGE!