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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Lady in White

Informal Theme # 6

Cartoon Monsters Clip ArtCartoon Monsters Clip Art
Blog # 6
                I already had many ghost encounters... and some of them really frightened me. Being one of those who can see ghosts, I felt unlucky because I don't like the feeling. I know that many people wanted to experience those, but for me, I want to get rid of it.If I just know how, I already did it because I wanted to live an ordinary life. But, I'm enjoying telling ghost stories to my classmates because they also enjoy listening to me.
                I will share to you one of my experiences. This happened when we went to Bucana, Bagong Kalsada to research for my assignments. After the research, we rode my father's motorcycle. That time, I am with my younger sister. While we're on the way home, it was very dark. I felt uncomfortable because I know that someone is watching over us. I kept on looking back. 
               But when it was my fifth try looking back, what I saw was a lady... wearing a long, white dress, with a long, black hair. Those send shivers to me...and goosebumps. I cannot move. I felt my blood running up to my face. Then, the lady vanish into the thin air right before my very eyes. I screamed to let go my fear. My father and sister were shocked. When we reached home, I told them the story and my sister was very frightened to go back there again.
              Cartoon Monsters Clip ArtCartoon Monsters Clip Art