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Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Time

Informal Theme # 7

Blog # 7
December 3, 2010

              December 3, 2010… one of my most memorable days. It was my first time to watch a play… it was Ibong Adarna. The play was conducted in Trece Martires, Cavite. Before watching, we first waited outside because they’re still arranging everything for the play so we went to the plaza to buy food and drinks first. After that, we went in front of the auditorium.
              We were all disappointed of the organizers because they didn’t manage the students very well. We’re all outside. It was like stampede. While we’re outside, we smelled a foul odor… it was for the canal.
              After the long wait, we finally watched the play. One of the actors in the play was really a television actor. His every statement causes the people to shout with glee. They were good actors and actresses but I didn’t enjoy the play that much because it was very hot inside.
              After the play, we headed to our bus to go to SM Dasmariñas. While in the bus, we had sound trips. After the malling, we went back home.