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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Collage of My Personality

Informal Theme # 1

Blog # 1

               At the centermost part of this eye you will see, the famous personalities I admire the most. The reason is that, I could learn a lot from their acting, from their judgments, and from their personal lives. They serve as my inspiration in my studies and in everything I do. At their left side were the things and food I dislike. I don’t eat veggies just because I don’t like the taste. I hate rats because they’re disgusting. I don’t like to see a person who always smokes, that’s why I don’t like cigarettes. Before, my father used to smoke but we forced him to stop, and so he did. Also, I don’t like a drunken person that’s why I pasted a picture of a whiskey. I don’t like people with lots of tattoos on their bodies because they look like dirty.
               At the top, bottom, and right side of this eye represents my hobbies. I love reading different kinds of books… comic books, story books, English pocketbooks, magazines, and newspapers. I also watch movies when I feel so bored at home. I am used to watching horror movies. Listening to music, whether it’s pop, rock, acoustic, classic, or whatever, is one of my hobbies too. I also spend my time texting if we don’t have lots of assignments. Surfing the net for facebook and eating were my hobbies too. If my older sister’s at home, we love having pictorials with my younger sister.
               At the leftmost and rightmost part of this eye were my future plans and dreams.
               At the rightmost part were different countries and a diamond. It means that, if I became rich, I would love to travel the world with my family and truest friends.
               At the leftmost part were my future goals. This piggy bank symbolizes my savings.  I would like to save to have a farm. My father would like to have one because he told me that he wanted to raise poultry, have plantations, and make business out of it. These squares with different colors were wallpapers. I would love to have a beautiful house because since Typhoon "Milenyo", our house is still broken because we still don’t have money to build it. These lovebirds represent me and my future husband. Between these lovebirds is a ring.  It isn’t an ordinary ring. It’s called a “Happiness Ring”. I believe in “happily ever after” just like in fairy tales. I would like to marry the best guy I will meet. I think that’s what all of us wanted to happen. Finally, I wanted to have a baby.
               I shaped this collage like an eye since it was the first thing I thought of which is somewhat related to my personality.
               We all know that our eye is one of the sensitive parts of our body. Even the slightest touch in the eye results to irritation, discomfort, or infection. That’s me. Hurting my feelings even if it’s not too much affects me very much.