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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Home At Last!

Informal Theme # 10

Blog # 10
December 24, 2010

               Home at last! I began forgetting about my assignments and projects. I want to have fun during our short vacation. My older sister and I started to stay in our grandmother’s house because she doesn’t have companion since my grandfather’s death. There, we can do what we want. We just eat, surf the net, sleep, and watch television.
               At last, it’s Noche Buena. We went home and prepared for it. Then, when it’s Christmas, my cousins and I strolled around Naic to have fun. We also bought gifts because at night, we’ll be having our Exchange Gifts. I received two shorts.
               December 29, we practiced for the dance contest. While practicing, some of our opponents were watching. During the contest, December 21, we notched the second place. The first place went to our opponents who imitated our dance steps. But still, the people were saying that we should be the winner because we dance very well and our opponents were not even dancing at the same time. It was their first time to win against us just because of the judges. They were their relatives. It’s alright for us. We just let them since it was their first time. Then, we have again our Exchange Gifts, 12:00. I received a green dress.
               After those events, I remembered my projects and assignments. Yes, two days before we go to school. I started cramming. Now, January 2, I was doing this 10th blog.