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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Informal Theme # 9

Blog # 9
December 17, 2010

               Our most awaited time of the year… our Christmas Party. Here, we should be enjoying everything. We should be happy. We should be eating, having a party, etc.
               During our Christmas Party, which is a Costume Party, I wasn’t excited. I do not like the idea of having a costume party. I asked our adviser of what is the most appropriate costume for me. She said that I should just dress up like a kid. I did it. Before the costume party, in the morning, we had our fun games. We ate our food then prepared for the costume party.
              During the program, in the afternoon, we had a parade by section at the basketball court. We also had our presentation by section. Then, some of the students stayed at the court to have party.
              I just stayed in the room. There, I saw a gift. On the card is written, “Alexa”. It was from Ate Maedenne. I was very happy that time. I went to her and hugged and thanked her. Then, Jobe and I went home with Kuya Kim.