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Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm One of Them!

Informal Theme # 6

Blog # 6

               Naic Association of San Diego, California (NASDI) is an organization who helps less- fortunate students financially. This organization has been active for so many years.
               To become a scholar of this organization, one should take an exam during his 6th grade. If a student did not pass the exam, NASDI staffs will look for representatives to be their sponsor. If they could look for a sponsor, the student will also be a scholar of NASDI.
                I was one of the students who took the NASDI exam because I wanted to help my parents even if the money that I will get is just for our schooling. Luckily, I passed. I was very surprised when they announced that I was the topnotcher and I my scores are even better then those of college students, since our exam is just the same.
                That was such an achievement for me. I began studying more because I need to maintain my grades. If my grade exceeds below 85, I will be out of the scholarship. Luckily, until now, I was one of them!