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Saturday, January 22, 2011

GOD's Love

Informal Theme # 3

Blog # 3

He created things with His mighty power
A creation that might last forever
A place where we will be held together
It’s just here on Earth, never from nowhere

Can you see those blooming flowers?
Those sweet, cuddly baby hares?
Those pretty birds in the air?
And a mother who cares?

Those fishes swimming in the sea,
That happily flying bee,
Those children running, can’t you see?
Isn’t it GOD’s love? Tell me!

If He doesn’t love us, why create
A world of paradise anyone wouldn’t hate?
There are lots of blessings, you don’t need to wait
Let’s just be patient. Have FAITH!

One of Her Words of Wisdom

Informal Theme # 2

Blog # 2

               “Hindi mo kayang magalit ng pangmatagalan sa isang taong naging malaki ang parte sa buhay mo.”
                Being one of her students is a total achievement. I love her sense of humor and the way she talks. I love listening to her words of wisdom especially if they’re about FRIENDSHIP.    
I value my friends very much even if they don’t value me as much as I do. I love them like the way I love my family. I always want to be with them even if some of them don’t like to be with me… even if they just love to be with their other friends. I don’t know but, that’s what I feel. But I also have those real friends whom I can be with always.
There was a time when we need to find our consultant for our research subject. They did not tell us that they’ll go to La Salle to find theirs. We decided to go the other day. When we got there, we were not allowed to enter the school because according to the guards and the pregnant lady there, we need a formal letter to enter. We waited for our other classmates because we knew that they’ll go there again. They went there but they didn’t even talk to us. They did not mind to let us enter. One of our classmate, who did not go there the day before was with them and she was allowed to enter because of them. At that time, we cried, but we know, it’s of no use.
One of our classmates with her mother and father went there also and they helped us. But still, we’re not allowed to enter. We just decided to go back there some other day.  They were very kind. They even let us ride their van and dropped us in our places.
Monday, we talked to them as if nothing happened because we know that as long as we’re doing the right thing, not just for honors, we can accomplish our goals in life. W e can’t be angry with them but they’re angry with us. We knew it because one of them told us. As of now, we’re still talking with them.

The Collage of My Personality

Informal Theme # 1

Blog # 1

               At the centermost part of this eye you will see, the famous personalities I admire the most. The reason is that, I could learn a lot from their acting, from their judgments, and from their personal lives. They serve as my inspiration in my studies and in everything I do. At their left side were the things and food I dislike. I don’t eat veggies just because I don’t like the taste. I hate rats because they’re disgusting. I don’t like to see a person who always smokes, that’s why I don’t like cigarettes. Before, my father used to smoke but we forced him to stop, and so he did. Also, I don’t like a drunken person that’s why I pasted a picture of a whiskey. I don’t like people with lots of tattoos on their bodies because they look like dirty.
               At the top, bottom, and right side of this eye represents my hobbies. I love reading different kinds of books… comic books, story books, English pocketbooks, magazines, and newspapers. I also watch movies when I feel so bored at home. I am used to watching horror movies. Listening to music, whether it’s pop, rock, acoustic, classic, or whatever, is one of my hobbies too. I also spend my time texting if we don’t have lots of assignments. Surfing the net for facebook and eating were my hobbies too. If my older sister’s at home, we love having pictorials with my younger sister.
               At the leftmost and rightmost part of this eye were my future plans and dreams.
               At the rightmost part were different countries and a diamond. It means that, if I became rich, I would love to travel the world with my family and truest friends.
               At the leftmost part were my future goals. This piggy bank symbolizes my savings.  I would like to save to have a farm. My father would like to have one because he told me that he wanted to raise poultry, have plantations, and make business out of it. These squares with different colors were wallpapers. I would love to have a beautiful house because since Typhoon "Milenyo", our house is still broken because we still don’t have money to build it. These lovebirds represent me and my future husband. Between these lovebirds is a ring.  It isn’t an ordinary ring. It’s called a “Happiness Ring”. I believe in “happily ever after” just like in fairy tales. I would like to marry the best guy I will meet. I think that’s what all of us wanted to happen. Finally, I wanted to have a baby.
               I shaped this collage like an eye since it was the first thing I thought of which is somewhat related to my personality.
               We all know that our eye is one of the sensitive parts of our body. Even the slightest touch in the eye results to irritation, discomfort, or infection. That’s me. Hurting my feelings even if it’s not too much affects me very much.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Home At Last!

Informal Theme # 10

Blog # 10
December 24, 2010

               Home at last! I began forgetting about my assignments and projects. I want to have fun during our short vacation. My older sister and I started to stay in our grandmother’s house because she doesn’t have companion since my grandfather’s death. There, we can do what we want. We just eat, surf the net, sleep, and watch television.
               At last, it’s Noche Buena. We went home and prepared for it. Then, when it’s Christmas, my cousins and I strolled around Naic to have fun. We also bought gifts because at night, we’ll be having our Exchange Gifts. I received two shorts.
               December 29, we practiced for the dance contest. While practicing, some of our opponents were watching. During the contest, December 21, we notched the second place. The first place went to our opponents who imitated our dance steps. But still, the people were saying that we should be the winner because we dance very well and our opponents were not even dancing at the same time. It was their first time to win against us just because of the judges. They were their relatives. It’s alright for us. We just let them since it was their first time. Then, we have again our Exchange Gifts, 12:00. I received a green dress.
               After those events, I remembered my projects and assignments. Yes, two days before we go to school. I started cramming. Now, January 2, I was doing this 10th blog.



Informal Theme # 9

Blog # 9
December 17, 2010

               Our most awaited time of the year… our Christmas Party. Here, we should be enjoying everything. We should be happy. We should be eating, having a party, etc.
               During our Christmas Party, which is a Costume Party, I wasn’t excited. I do not like the idea of having a costume party. I asked our adviser of what is the most appropriate costume for me. She said that I should just dress up like a kid. I did it. Before the costume party, in the morning, we had our fun games. We ate our food then prepared for the costume party.
              During the program, in the afternoon, we had a parade by section at the basketball court. We also had our presentation by section. Then, some of the students stayed at the court to have party.
              I just stayed in the room. There, I saw a gift. On the card is written, “Alexa”. It was from Ate Maedenne. I was very happy that time. I went to her and hugged and thanked her. Then, Jobe and I went home with Kuya Kim.

A Lot Better!

Informal Theme # 8

Blog # 8
December 10, 2010

A Lot Better!

               Again, we went to University of the Philippines, Diliman (UPD) to watch a play entitled, Isang Panaginip na Fili. I expected more than this than the Ibong Adarna play. At first, we waited inside the Palma Hall of UPD. Some of the students bought pamphlet for the play. While waiting, we were given tickets for our seat number.
               Then, we entered the auditorium. It was smaller then that of the one in Trece but it’s pretty better in terms of organization. It was air conditioned. Everything was well-managed. There was a very good introduction before the start of the play. When the curtains were pulled sideways, what a magnificent sight! The background was very good.
               While the play is going on, we’re chatting about the actors and actresses. They were very good in acting and their voices were very, very good. One of my favorite actresses in the play was Ate Janine Santos. He played the role of “Juli” She was really good. Her voice was wonderful.
                Ces Quesada was also there. She played the role of “Doña Victorina” After the play, we headed back to our bus. While walking, we saw Ate Sheila. I missed her so much! She hugged me and said that she missed me. After that, we ate our lunch and went to Mall of Asia. There, I didn’t enjoy our malling because we can’t find other places. We’re just like walking around the mall. Then, we went home.

First Time

Informal Theme # 7

Blog # 7
December 3, 2010

              December 3, 2010… one of my most memorable days. It was my first time to watch a play… it was Ibong Adarna. The play was conducted in Trece Martires, Cavite. Before watching, we first waited outside because they’re still arranging everything for the play so we went to the plaza to buy food and drinks first. After that, we went in front of the auditorium.
              We were all disappointed of the organizers because they didn’t manage the students very well. We’re all outside. It was like stampede. While we’re outside, we smelled a foul odor… it was for the canal.
              After the long wait, we finally watched the play. One of the actors in the play was really a television actor. His every statement causes the people to shout with glee. They were good actors and actresses but I didn’t enjoy the play that much because it was very hot inside.
              After the play, we headed to our bus to go to SM Dasmariñas. While in the bus, we had sound trips. After the malling, we went back home.               

I'm One of Them!

Informal Theme # 6

Blog # 6

               Naic Association of San Diego, California (NASDI) is an organization who helps less- fortunate students financially. This organization has been active for so many years.
               To become a scholar of this organization, one should take an exam during his 6th grade. If a student did not pass the exam, NASDI staffs will look for representatives to be their sponsor. If they could look for a sponsor, the student will also be a scholar of NASDI.
                I was one of the students who took the NASDI exam because I wanted to help my parents even if the money that I will get is just for our schooling. Luckily, I passed. I was very surprised when they announced that I was the topnotcher and I my scores are even better then those of college students, since our exam is just the same.
                That was such an achievement for me. I began studying more because I need to maintain my grades. If my grade exceeds below 85, I will be out of the scholarship. Luckily, until now, I was one of them!