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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Totally Alone

Informal Theme # 7

Blog # 7

               I was once a happy, young girl, with a happy, good life, living in a very peaceful place. My mother was always with me, telling me stories about her past life. My father was, most of the time, beside my mother, giving her the warmest embraces. My younger sister, she always cries, that's what I hear from time to time 'cause she's just a baby, who will stop crying when given a bottle of milk. My older brother and sister, they're studying, but when they went home, I always receive a hug and a kiss from them. But...that was before, when I was just three. I can still remember those...because those were just the memories they left.
               I won't forget them...I won't
               We were sleeping heavy footsteps broke the silence of our peaceful home. They're many...very many. I can still remember their looks. They're all wearing gloves, black mask,and black guns. I saw them steel our toys, and later on, they stole the lives of my sleeping mother and father. My sister and brother finally woke up. I saw them raped my sister. My brother fought with them to save my sister...but they were all killed. Then they saw me...and my younger sister. They pulled my younger sister...and together, they threw us into the window from the third floor of our house. Luckily, I fell into the truck of garbages. But, my little sister, she fell right into the ground. I saw her blood coming out of every hole on her body. I cried. I saw the men scampered away.
               Nobody knows what happened because we don't have neighbors, we live in a hidden place. There, I saw my family, bathing in their own blood. I don't know what to do. I walked away from our house. I don't want to see my the poor faces of my family. I walked and walked until I reach the city. There, I saw tall buildings and huge billboards...but...what would I do with them...I don't have my family.
               Now, I am wandering around the city trying to forget what happened. But still, I can't forget it. I'm now alone...TOTALLY ALONE...