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Saturday, January 22, 2011

One of Her Words of Wisdom

Informal Theme # 2

Blog # 2

               “Hindi mo kayang magalit ng pangmatagalan sa isang taong naging malaki ang parte sa buhay mo.”
                Being one of her students is a total achievement. I love her sense of humor and the way she talks. I love listening to her words of wisdom especially if they’re about FRIENDSHIP.    
I value my friends very much even if they don’t value me as much as I do. I love them like the way I love my family. I always want to be with them even if some of them don’t like to be with me… even if they just love to be with their other friends. I don’t know but, that’s what I feel. But I also have those real friends whom I can be with always.
There was a time when we need to find our consultant for our research subject. They did not tell us that they’ll go to La Salle to find theirs. We decided to go the other day. When we got there, we were not allowed to enter the school because according to the guards and the pregnant lady there, we need a formal letter to enter. We waited for our other classmates because we knew that they’ll go there again. They went there but they didn’t even talk to us. They did not mind to let us enter. One of our classmate, who did not go there the day before was with them and she was allowed to enter because of them. At that time, we cried, but we know, it’s of no use.
One of our classmates with her mother and father went there also and they helped us. But still, we’re not allowed to enter. We just decided to go back there some other day.  They were very kind. They even let us ride their van and dropped us in our places.
Monday, we talked to them as if nothing happened because we know that as long as we’re doing the right thing, not just for honors, we can accomplish our goals in life. W e can’t be angry with them but they’re angry with us. We knew it because one of them told us. As of now, we’re still talking with them.