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Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Memorable Semestrial Break... at last!

Informal Theme # 2

Blog # 2

               Some people come into our life but quickly go...but we can say that they still left footprints in our hearts.
              Before the semestrial break, I wasn't excited because I was thinking that I would not enjoy it because we will go to Alfonso, Cavite to have our training for the Regional Schools Press Conference. 
               Sem break came. I, together with the other RSPC Qualifiers and Ms. Elenor Alcantara, got ready for it. We waited for our hired van at school. While we're on our way to Alfonso, sad thoughts came circling in my mind. "How will I enjoy my stay without my schoolmates?", "Will I be able to understand the discussions?", "Will my co-copyreaders welcome me there?", "Will I gain friends". That time, I began to think of what to do.
               Whenever we drop my schoolmates in their respective rooms, I felt sadness. I wanted to be with them. When I reached the room allotted for the copyreaders, I felt nervous because their faces were telling me that they were very excellent in copyreading. There, I met our facilitators, Ma'am Zeny and Sir Dom. At first, they told us to say a brief information about ourselves...I did it even though I was too shy to speak.
               Then, our morning sessions began...and...WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT! My very first headline was chosen as the best headline fitted for the news we edited. At that time, I was very proud of myself.
               Those days, I met new friends. I would like to mention their names because they became a part of my life. Ate Trixie, the cheerful lady, Ate Jem, the cute and lovable one, Kuya Allan, the smart and kind boy, Carlo, the most intelligent there...for me, Aneliese, the prettiest girl there,with a Korean-like eyes, Mays, the silent but intelligent girl, Carla, the girl who has a wonderful headline vocabulary, Neryll, the emotional one...:), Kuya Donn, the nicest boy, Sheila, the smallest and the naughtiest, Ate Francheska, the nerd..:), Jayvee, the naughty and cheerful girl, and Ate Colette, the first one I met.
               Days passed by, I began to learn to speak up for myself. There, I started to enjoy my stay. My co-copyreaders wanted me to tell ghost stories and so I did. After all the hardwork, it was now the last day. But, I don't want to leave them. I don't want to go home. I want to be with them the rest of my lives because with them, I found my true happiness...and that is...being with true friends. That moment, our facilitators told us to give a farewell message for all. Every message sank into my mind. I couldn't forget them. When it was already my turn to deliver my message, my tears fell down automatically... I couldn't speak. I was to emotional to let my voice out. There, they told me to sit down and just deliver my message during the RSPC.
               After that, we practicced our yell for the parade that will be held during the RSPC. Then we went home. But, while on our way home, we're texting each other because we missed them already.