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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Mysterious Face

 Third Quarter
Informal Theme # 1

Blog # 1
               This experience somewhat frightened me because it was my very first time seeing that kind of thing. I wondered where it came from, but I cannot answer my question. Do I need others' help to enlighten my mind? I'm shy... to shy to speak up.
               This happened during the training of RSPC Qualifiers held at Alfonso, Cavite. During the first day, I wasn't speaking because I'm shy. I don't even ask questions if something is not clear to me. 
               During the third day, morning session, I felt my head became heavier as it was before. I don't know...but I think there's something wrong. I began to look around the corners of the small room where we are staying. My heart pounded stronger. I'm nervous. I don't know what to do. I'm not comfortable.
               My eyes started to focus on the blackboard where our outputs where written. I was startled to see a face... a face that looks like the faces of the angel figurines with a blonde hair... normal-sized, like a person's... a face bulging on the blackboard  trying to get out of it. Then it looked directly to me. All I did was cover my eyes with my hands trying to let go of my fear. I couldn't speak. I couldn't even tell my co-copyreaders. But, I told one of them about it.
               That night, my heart ached... maybe because I'm tired of all days work. One of my co-copyreaders told one of our facilitators about it. They decided to bring me to the clinic. While I'm in the clinic, the person I told about my experience told our facilitator about it. They thought that was the reason of my heartache. 
               Starting from that very night, I decided to talk to the copyreaders. That time, I enjoyed my stay because I learned to socialize with other people.